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XO Lucy

Hi darling,

Twenty years from now you’re going to wish you have had more fun. So have more fun! Join my gang every last Saturday of the month at Lucky Rijssen (21+). Shake your booty at the Bad Girls Club, lose yourself at the best House, Techhouse and Disco beats in the Lucy loves Pure area or go crazy on all my guilty pleasure songs in Lucy’s Partypub. Cold drinks, good vibes and sexy folks assured!

Are you alive or just breathing?

XO Lucy


Meet Lucy,

Lucy has a true rebel heart. She’s that kind of girl with the messy hair, the dirty feet and that wild sparkle in her eyes. She belongs among the wild flowers, dancing on the rhythm of the night. With rebel blood flowing through her veins, she lives life to the fullest, by her own wishes, unconstrained by society. She belongs to the dream chasers, the rule breakers and the magic makers. With fire in her blood, she is never to be tamed.

Every last Saturday of the month Lucy is throwing a party (21+). And let me tell you a secret: you don’t want to miss it. With three areas, each with its own style, entertainment and show, Lucy makes sure there is something for everyone. Whether you like to rave to the grave, want to shake your booty on the hottest beats or just want to go crazy on guilty pleasures: Lucy has it all! Together with lots of alcohol, good vibes, amazing entertainment and vibrant people all over 21 Lucy promises you that it will be a night to remember (or not ;-)).

“Twenty years from now you’re going to wish you have had more fun. So have more fun.” XO Lucy

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