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Move, get out the way, my feet wanna go dancing!!
During PURE (18+) we’re losing it in three areas filled with the finest Disco, House, Techhouse and Techno played by some of the best DJs and artists supported by an amazing show and sexy entertainment. All this under the guidance of the most vibrant people, lots of alcohol and good vibes!


Yay, it’s the weekend. Time to destroy all negative energy with the power of music, amazing entertainment, sexy folks and of course lots of alcohol and stupid decisions at PURE (18+).

Please, close your eyes for a moment. Imagine yourself standing at PURE in the Factory among an outrageous crowd losing their minds on some of the finest House,Techhouse and Techno served by the best DJs and artists. It’s raining confetti, you’re blinded by the lights, you’re feeling the music going through your veins and you just can’t help yourself: you can’t stop dancing.
Sounds good, right?

Now imagine walking a little further to the next area: Morsecode. Don’t worry, don’t cry. At Morsecode we’re playing the best of the best Techno, so we make sure that you feel fly…

It’s time for your next stop:Mamacita. You’re standing in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by vibrant people, dancing on sexy Urban, (oldschool) Hip Hop and RnB. It’s getting hot… but then you hear Biggie: it was all a dream.

Time to wake up and buy yourself some tickets for the next edition of PURE (18+).